Thank you for considering to help us out!  No matter the time of year, we always need the following:

Batteries / Power
We use rechargeable batteries when we can.  However, on extended trips off-grid

it becomes difficult to plug the charger into a tree.  Rechargeable batteries are excellent

if you have an outlet to plug into when it's time to recharge.  We have started experimenting with
solar chargers and portable power packs but still have a need for the following:
AA, AAA, C, D, USB / Phone, Canon 80D, Canon G7X, Solar, Power Packs

Adventure Shirts

Each episode of WILDsides and WILDerland requires a unique shirt.
We love used or new, wild, outdoor, vintage, nature shirts!  Or, even a cool shirt
with your outdoor, nature related, company logo!
Adult M (Jack), L (Alec), and XL (Crew)