Endangered CHILDREN AND NATURE Facts and Resources

At a declining rate that far surpases that of any other species on the planet, Children who experience Nature on a regular basis have quickly become the most endangered species on Earth.  Did you know that many prison inmates experience more time outdoors each day than the average 12-year-old?  That kids spend 7 hours a day staring at a glowing screen and just 30 minutes playing outside in unstructured activities?  That childhood obesity rates have doubled in the last 20 years?  Prolonged nature deficiency results in poor health, lower grades, less creativity, depression, more stress, less appreciation, and the list goes on and on.

Aside from the fact that a continuous lack of nature will result in a future full of mostly fat, unhealthy, stressed-out, dumb people, there is another equally import effect.  If you do not experience it, you will never fully appreciate it.  State and National Parks exist today because they were created by adults who grew up outside.  They could appreciate the value of nature because they experienced it on a daily basis.  Who will sustain the parks in 20 years?  Who will stand up to help protect wildlife and preserve our natural areas?  Will it be those sickly, fat, depressed people who never went outside?

The greatest threats?  Excuses to be lazy.  Fearful parents who would rather risk dealing with higher rates of depression and diabetes than to encourage their kids to play outside.  Loss of habitat.  Social media and technology.  















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