The growing list of organizations we have worked with and / or strongly support.  We encourage you to visit and support these incredible establishments:

Dolphins Plus
Wild West Rafting

Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary
Chimp Eden
Texas State Parks
Back to the Wild
Dulini Lodge
The Turtle Hospital
Sequoyah State Park
Elephant Whispers
Care for Wild Africa


A link found here (or anywhere on this website) should not infer an endorsement

of Alec in WILDerland by the linked-to organizations.  We have provided these links to you

because we are proud to support them and/or they provide detailed

information that you may find great value in.


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​​Alec and Jack work with a production team and receive constant support throughout.  Some situations depicted can be dangerous
if unsupervised and advice may not always be accurate.  Do not attempt to follow or copy.  Alec in WILDerland and WILDsides
is for entertainment purposes and designed to inspire others to play outside and to learn about nature.
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