WILDerland 2015 Survey Results

Of the following, which has been your favorite (or is your most anticipated) part of the AiW fan experience?
41%  Watching quality, fresh content
22%  Personal interaction with Alec (host) through social media and/or traditional mail
21%  A genuine feeling that I am part of the action and adventure
16%  Being able to contribute and help sustain the missions of AiW and other worthy causes

If there was one thing you could add to AiW episodes it would be...
36%  More on-the-spot creative adventure techniques
22%  More detailed plant, animal, and location information
16%  A stronger focus on animals and the environment
14%  More difficult-to-survive locations
12%  More audience participation in the adventures

Of the following AiW themes, which is your favorite?
51%  Connecting kids of all ages with nature
30%  Helping endangered animals and the environment
18%  Bushcraft and adventure skills

What episode length is the most ideal for you to view on YouTube?
51%  30-40 Minute full episodes
44%  20-25 Minute full episodes
05%  10-12 Minute partial episodes that continue

What is your favorite type of AiW episode location?
53%  Beach, coastal, island, tropical
31%  Mountains, thick forests, rivers, streams
12%  Lake, countryside, trees, fields
04%  Desert, dunes, remote, barren

Would you support the addition of a Guest Host to help enhance and promote the missions of AiW and to allow for more frequent uploads with varied content?

68%  Yes
32%  No

In addition to AiW episodes, which of the following would you most like to see more of?
35%  More Adventure Vlogs
32%  More WILDlife videos
18%  More short films
10%  More nature center / animal care content
05%  A spin-off series with different character(s), themes(s)

When it comes to AiW which of the following is most important to you?
39%  Learning from episodes
28%  Episode quality
21%  Consistency and professionalism
12%  Fan appreciation and interaction (social media / traditional mail)

Of the following, which is the most important that AiW can do to sustain and increase awareness, viewership, audience participation, and funding?
56%  Increase social media presence
25%  Offer shirts and more types of merchandise
19%  Become a non-profit

Which of the following would most help you become a more appreciative fan of AiW?
34%  More education specific content
21%  Greater opportunity to be creatively involved
18%  Higher quality productions
15%  More acknowledgement / interaction on social media
10%  Easier correspondence with production and talent
02%  More fan acknowledgement in episode credits